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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Diving In...

Well, here we go, ready or not...I am diving in. Diving in to the adventure that is the Mercy Ship. By now my entire world of friends and family, co-workers, acquaintances must surely know about me and Mercy Ships. However, if not here it is. I am on the edge of FINALLY realizing a long time dream of serving with the organization that is Mercy Ships. This organization is made up of ocean liner cruise ships that have been converted into hospital ships. They sail to third world countries offering hope and healing in practical ways of medical and surgical help. I hope to be setting sail on one of these ships - the Africa Mercy - sometime this year. For those of you who want to join me, I will be blogging regularly my steps in the journey to get me there. Stay tuned as we all await what God has in store for me.


Kim said...

Jen, I am so, so SO Proud of you. As much as I will miss you while you are gone...I cannot wait for you to go. Your life will never be the same. I cannot wait to see what God does to you and through you while you are there!! Love and Lampshades, Kimberlia

Tracy said...

You Go Girl! He's got GIANT sized plans to use you. Keep on standing on that Rock of Faith.

Love, TN

Anonymous said...

Hey. You are one of the good ones. I am totally going to be your bell hop in Heaven; I mean you all "I serve needy people" and me all "I work with computers and stuff."

Have a great time and learn tons. Have emotiony good things happen too...and, uh, help sick people. I am really proud of you!


Kristin said...


I cannot wait to see what God does during this trip! He has placed such an incredible dream/plan in your life. I know He will do AWESOME & amazing things! I am proud of you for being obedient to Him. Lampshades FOREVER!!!

Kim said...

WOw Jen...that cluster map thing is cool. WHo do you know in Hawaii that is checking you out???