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Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I am Grateful For...

(in no particular order)
1. That my dad is in heaven tonight and that his suffering has come to an end.
2. That God extends His grace so freely and lovingly to me - I am so undeserving it is ridiculous.
3. That Doug and Jordon were at my side today - loving me through the hardest day of my life so far.
4. For a family that has grown closer together in the last few months. Some days there is no one that can comfort you like your own mother.
5. For the opportunity to watch my brother love his family well. It has been a treasured gift to watch my brother care for my father at his bedside. To watch my brother comfort my father, encourage my father, do physical therapy with my father. And then for him to leave the hospital room and head to my mom's house to fix the snow blower, to hang Christmas lights, to helping me move furniture ;)
6. For a small group that have lived out "doing life together" in every way possible. For walking with me diligently at my side, for encouraging me, listening to me, for "lifting up my arms" when I was weary.
7. For my "family" of Kristin & Larry, Dan & Julie. For crying along side me, for praying with me when I had no words.
8. For the AMAZING nurses in the SICU at Troy Beaumont. I have never been more proud to be a nurse. They have come to be like family and they have loved my father like their own.
9. For my Mercy Ships family. We spent a summer taking care of Africa together, and from across the ocean you have taken care of me. I loved the flowers, the emails, the songs being sung on my voicemails.
10. For "my girls". Girls weekend 2008 was the greatest reprieve during this season of heartache. No where else can I let my hair down and act as crazy as when I am with you three. I am so glad God gave us each other so many years ago. There is a comfort with you Kristin, Kimmi K and Weez that is immeasurable and irreplaceable.
11. For everyone that has made a phone call to me, a facebook message, an email...a girl could not ask for better people to walk through life with. I am not alone and God has made that abundantly clear.


Tracy said...

We Love You Jen.

Craig Maloney said...

You're definitely in our prayers tonight, along with your family.

Jordon said...

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be with you and to have been able to have been used to bring you comfort in even the smallest way. Your friendship is one of the greatest blessings I have been given and I am eternally grateful for you and to have the chance to share life with you in big and small ways. You and your family are being lifted in prayer today and always.

Kim said...

Jenny, I am honored to have been able to walk through this week with you in some small way. It truly has been a gift to be with you. And I wil hold you to your promise my friend! I will be waiting for the moment you need me to talk to you about nothingness or everythingness. (yes I have made up a word or two, but you know I got you on all fronts) I love you and will always be praying for you and your family!