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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mercy Projects

Mercy Ships is more than just the hospital on board the ship. Every day teams go out into Monrovia and surrounding villages to help the area rebuild after 14 years of war. Yesterday I went on a tour to see a few of the projects Mercy Ships is working on. The first stop was a project that the president of Liberia specifically asked Mercy Ships to help with. Mercy Ships is working with local people to rebuild a medical clinic that was destroyed in the war. My pictures are kind of hazy as it was pouring rain for most of our tour.

Our next stop was an agricultural project. A team from Mercy Ships has partnered with the local villages to teach community farming and to teach about other crops that can be grown. The crops that are usually grown are plantains (a type of banana) and Kasava (a root vegetable). They are working on growing corn, melons, and other vegetables. They are also introducing the concept of using compost piles.

The last place we visited was the dental clinic. The local hospital in Monrovia allows Mercy Ships to borrow space from them to set up the dental clinic. All procedures are performed for free.

We also visited with the nurse who runs the community health programs for Mercy Ships. The day we were there her team was out visiting in several villages distributing mosquito netting for beds to prevent the spread of Malaria. I am hoping to go out with the community health team next week.


Tracy said...

How cool Jenny - do you have to be a crew member to help with the "land" projects? How can people get involved from the U.S. and other reaches of the world. Would you please let us know what we can do to support Mercy Ships? How can we become involved? What opportunities are there.

Thank again Jen for writing so faithfully. Your thoughts and experiences have touched us all greatly. The pictures help us "see" where you have been and what you are experiencing. Thanks for blessing us with this. Keep writin' girl - keep writin'!


CupcakeMutiny said...

Hi, Jenny! It's Debora from work. We've all been avidly following your adventures on the Mercy Ship. So many people admire you for going on this mission and your blog entries have been fascinating and educational. You've said you feel lucky to be there, but I know your patients must feel very lucky to be in your care.

I'd like to feature excerpts and photos from your blog in a Special Edition newsletter. Would that be okay? Are you able to e-mail someone directly? If so, please reply to the e-mail attached to my blog name. Thanks! Take care, we miss you! Debora