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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some Things are Universal...

The other day I was taking care of a man in his 20's that was here for a repair to his arm. He had a gunshot wound from years ago that hadn't healed properly. I sent him off to surgery and knew I wouldn't see him back in his bed for a few hours at least. My good friend Wendy that I always talk about is a recovery room nurse. So, she usually takes care of the patients I send her and then she brings them back to me. When my patient woke up from the anesthesia the first thing he told Wendy was, "Where is Jennifer? I need Jennifer." (That is pronounced "Jenni-fah" in Liberian English). Wendy tried to explain to the young man that I would be waiting for him back at the ward and that as soon as he was awake enough he could go back there. He replied, " I am hungry, I want to eat, Jennifer will get me something to eat." Wendy told him he would have to wait a little longer, that once he was fully awake he could return to the ward. He looked at her and said, " I am fully awake, return me to Jennifer". So, as the patient is being wheeled into the ward I can hear him calling my name from the stretcher, not even in the room yet. I couldn't believe that he even remembered my name. All he kept saying was, "Jennifer, I want to eat, I know you will let me eat". So, once we got him settled in his bed and the monitor on him, I went for something for him to eat. When I came back I had to feed him, because his right arm was all bandaged and casted. As he was eating I asked if he was comfortable, if he needed anything else. He replied, " I need chocolate". I guess some things are universal. Who doesn't need chocolate???


Kim said...

I love this man Jennifah!!

Kristin said...

How priceless. He knew who would take the best care of him. Comfort comes in all shapes and flavors :)