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Friday, June 6, 2008

Africa Mercy Youth Group

Meet some of the young boys on the ward...I call them the Africa Mercy Youth Group. These are the boys that I spend time playing Uno with.

Meet Emanual, he is 14 years old and here for surgery to his leg. He rarely has any visitors and no family stays with him while here. He has teamed up with another boy Alfred, and they seem to be inseparable. Emanual has a heart of gold. Every night that I have cared for him he has asked me to come over to his bed and pray for him before he goes to sleep. Then, in the morning he gets up, comes over to me on his crutches and thanks me for taking care of him.

And this is Alfred. Infamous Alfred. He is the ring leader of the ward that he stays on. He is a ham and tends to steal the show. He is very quick witted and tends to get his followers into trouble at times. Him and Emanuel are good buddies and they hobble around on their crutches visiting each ward. Currently Afred has launched a scheme to write and produce a play with other patients as his actors and actresses to put on a show for the nurses and doctors to thank them for their help.

The boys are wearing paper "crowns" in the pictures. They had just finished watching the Chronicles of Narnia and the craft was to make the crowns.

I am finishing my last of three evening shifts tonight. Then I am off this weekend and am looking forward to investigating Monrovia more. Plans are to go to the beach and to African church.


Kim said...

Jen, My Precious Jen...I feel like being gone for a week I had so much to catch up on in your blog and so many commments to make...I knew you would love pediatrics..you are sooo great with kids...can someone say youth pastor??? I couldn't see the pics of yourpatients...can you send them to me in email? I miss you much and am so happy for you!!!Love Love Love You...I have so much to tell you ..I wish we could talk...but perhaps I will send you a little less public email :-)

Tracy said...

Jen- What a wonderful boys! I am so glad that you are having fun. Isn't it great to practice medicine and really get to know your patients as human beings? What a wonderful experience.

Keep on having fun!
Love, Tracy

Kristin said...

Those boys are so precious! Those smiles are the best! They are lucky to have such a wonderful person to take care of them. And you are lucky to have such beautiful children of God to bless each day! Love you.

Jodi said...

Hi Jen! This post warmed my heart. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings and love.

Anonymous said...


We miss you soooo much, but love seeing the pictures of the lives you are touching. You look so beautifully happy. We can't wait to see what else is in store for you.

Kelly Norman