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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunset at White Sands Beach

Yesterday we had one of our very frequent fire drills. Seven very loud beeping noises invades every cabin, every space of the ship and it is time to head off the ship to the dock to your designated "muster" station. As my friends and I were sitting on the dock waiting for our all clear to go back to the ship, we got the great idea to head to the beach for the sunset. We packed our dinner and headed out to White Sands Beach.

Instead of begging seagulls on the beaches at home, here in Africa it is begging stray dogs...


Kim said...

Such Beautiful SUnsets Jen..I am jealous!!! My one question though is...How did that poor guy put up with being alone with all you hot babes???

Jules said...

How are we every going to tear you away from that beautiful view? Did you go swimming too and risk the rip tides?

~~Virg said...

I have to say Jen, those dogs don't stand a chance against my little guy...if you don't believe me just ask Kim. The pictures are breath taking!

Sharon said...

Hi I just found your site because your article shows up on page one of the Beaumont web-site. You are a star here!!!
I miss you. Wish we were working together, and I think of you often on your trip. Keep the blog comoing I am reading with anticipation for your next entry!
Sharon Cullenq

Sharon said...

Oh and another thing...
I am keeping you in my prayers. One day I hope to do what you are doing now.
In the meantime I will live it through you.
Those people are so blessed to have you there. You are one special person and RN.
you can reach me at sharoncullen@wowway.com I don't check my gmail account!
Sharon Cullen