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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mercy Friends

Here are a few pictures of some of the great friends God has brought me so far on the ship.

This is the infamous trio. Kat from England is on the left and Wendy from Texas is on the right. The three of us are almost always together. I met Wendy at the Liberia airport and Kat is Wendy's bunk-mate. We all arrived within 2 days of each other so we have become quick friends as we get the hang of life on a ship and life in Africa.
This is a picture of my friend Jeanne. She is from Texas also, and she and our other friend Becky have a little breakfast club they have invited me to be a part of. Once a week we make breakfast together. Jeanne and Becky are really good cooks and really good at making something amazing out of almost nothing. I of course contributed juice from the ship shop :)
This is Jeanne, Becky in the middle, and another friend Jodi on the left. I met Jodi through my blog before I got here and emailed her a few times. She is also from Michigan and lives in the cabin next door to me.
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Tracy said...

Hello Friends of Jenny - Take good care of her - We love her a lot!


Kristin said...

Love the Pictures! You look GREAT!!! You look so happy. Have a great time with your new friends! Wish we could all hang out together. Lampshades.

Jordon said...

So glad to see you sharing your adventure with new friends. Tell them your Michigan family says "hi." You look beautiful and so content. God is so good.

~~Virg said...

Well it is clear why you like Jeanne so much...she has a Diet Coke right next to her...she is sooo your sista.
By the way, you look great...awesome...complete. God really is so generous! Always love,

Kim said...

Jen you look sooo at peace...I couldn't be happier for you or more proud of you or miss you more!!!