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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ok, so I am new at posting pictures!!!

Just a quick disclaimer - this is the first time I am posting pictures on the blog and I do not have my web-mistress Tracy at my side to assist me. So, I am sorry these pictures below all ended up in single posts.
It has been just over a week since arriving and I am starting to feel like and old-timer here. Once you have your first week under belt, you graduate to veteran as new people are arriving almost daily.
This past weekend I worked 12 hour night shift. It has been awhile since I have stayed up all night, but since we all know I am naturally a night person I had no problem. Actually it was the patients in the ward that I had the privilege of serving that made it so easy. I have never been a pediatric nurse but this weekend I plunged into it sink or swim. I have to say I loved every minute of it. Once I made rounds and got everyone settled for the night I got to spend several hours with a few of the teenage boy patients playing round after round of Uno. Then I had a 5 year old boy that had trouble sleeping through the night so I got to rock him to sleep and hold him in my arms for several hours each night. There were also a few adult patients on the ward who joined in with the Uno as well. My best friend from home made me a scrapbook of pictures of family and friends from home so I brought that to show the patients as well. They seem to love looking at pictures so they looked over the book several times, asking questions of who was who. They were very interested in the fishing boat in the pictures and I told them that was my favorite place to be! They all think I have my father's smile.
Most of the patients I took care of over the weekend are here for ortho related issues. They either were born with club feet, or had a fracture that never healed properly and are here to have the bones reset. Many are learning to walk with crutches for the first time and will be on them until they return in a few weeks for follow-up appointments.
One of the nicest things about the patients so far is their gratitude. When the shift is over many patients will come up to you and thank you for taking care of them, for serving them. Even the teenage boys came to thank me before I left in the morning. All of you nurse friends know how energizing it is to have grateful patients.
Today I will try to take some pictures of these beautiful African friends and patients of mine. We are restricted as to when and where we can photograph patients so it is not always easy to do. However, I have to get some pictures so you can see what amazing and beautiful people they are.
I have to say since I have been here I have loved nearly everything about this adventure thus far. I know it is a bit naive to say, since it has just been one week, but I am loving this and am so happy. I just want to thank you all again for supporting me, loving me, encouraging me. I thank God that He would even consider me and allow me to join Him and everyone else that is serving on the Africa Mercy.

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